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Jeff Clarke, CPA, CA, AMSF

Partner / Business Consultant, Lethbridge

Hard to believe it was 1995 when I first started at Avail CPA. I still get to come in and help out. I am no longer part of the young crowd and now find myself saying things like, "It wasn’t like that when I started here." I still drink coffee, talk on the phone, and wear my favorite sweater now and then.

Best Magazine
It has to be Popular Science. Where else do you get the best of what’s new and keep informed about cool stuff. This should be a weekly magazine.

Favorite Music
I am a product of the 80’s.  

Star Trek or Star Wars
This is a debate for some. I love them both.

I have been learning how to fly a remote control airplane. Based on recent crashes and the consistent need for replacement parts, I have much practice ahead of me.

Favorite snack
Does it get any better than beef jerky and salt & pepper chips?

Articles by Jeff Clarke:

Jeff Clarke Jeff Clarke