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The Next Step in Business Consulting

“While accounting describes what happened in the past, business consulting focuses clients on the future,” says George Virtue, CPA, CA.  George is the Managing Partner at Avail CPA and devotes two thirds of his work time to business consulting in the areas of leadership, strategic planning, management, business development, mentoring and coaching. 

“It’s always been my goal to simplify the complex for my clients,” says George. “Clients gain little from their advisor unless they can understand that they are saying – and many accountants do not do this well.”

While fellow Avail CPA partners say that George has a natural gift for clarifying issues and advising clients, George has recently completed more in-depth training to provide even more value to his clients. George is now an Accredited Facilitator with Mindshop International, a leading business support and advisory training organization.

Through a series of 14 courses in areas including strategic planning, problem solving, sales performance, profit improvement, personal growth, change success and others, George achieved the Accredited Facilitator status, which “enables me to help my clients make changes in their business to create a better and more profitable future,” he says. “The Mindshop tools and process connect perfectly to the concept of simplification in order to provide value.”

Avail CPA’s Spark Advisory Group, of which George is a part, focuses on delivering results. “Clients do not care about fancy services or ‘accredited facilitators,’” says George. “They care about results that improve their business.”

Those results are the goal of George, Spark Advisory Group, and the entire Avail CPA team. With personal attention, local service, and firm-wide strength, Avail CPA has a team of skilled, trained professionals to help your business succeed. 

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