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Start With Why


My three-year-old loves this question. Her inquisitive, developing mind makes her question “why” on everything.

“What are you doing, daddy?”

“Making supper.”


“Because you need to eat so can grow up to be big and strong, and then someday you can make daddy’s supper.”


“Because Daddy’s using all his energy to raise you and your brother and someday I’m going to be a worn-out husk of a man.”


Doesn’t that sound adorable? But then, the other day we had this conversation:

“Where are you going, daddy?”

“To work.”


What a fantastic question! How often do you sit and think about “why” you do what you do? In fact, this was a key topic of discussion at our last partner meeting at Avail CPA. Why do we do what we do?  Why is our firm a compelling choice for our clients? 

Organizational consultant Simon Sinek says every business understands “what” they do. Some know “how” they do it. But very few know “why” they do it. When we sat down as a partnership group to articulate our “why”, it was actually much harder than it sounds. Give this some thought – why do you do what you do? And the answer is not “to make money”.

The “what” of your business is the functional part – you build houses or sell groceries. That’s pretty straightforward and easy to understand. The “how” is the logical part. You use certain materials or designs in the house you build, or import fancy foods from around the world. The “why” is the emotional part. How does your product or service make someone feel?

Too often, we focus on the “what” or the “how” and lose sight of the “why”.

If you can clearly articulate your “why”, it can form a compelling message to your customers, your employees, and your community. Knowing and understanding your “why” helps you make decisions in the best interests of your vision, and increases the value of your business. Would you rather buy a business that has its “why” integrated into everything they do, or a business that just does “what” it does? Consider this – why should a purchaser buy your business? Why is your business unique? Why do customers come to you? 

Why do you do what you do?

Why do you do what you do
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