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Pass the Aspirin - Think About Relieving Your Customers' Pain

Confession: I’m a super-nerd and a mega-geek. I’m sure you've already figured that out, since I’m an accountant. Technology, and especially shiny, new technology, excites me to no end. To my wife’s chagrin, our house is littered with smart devices: lights, thermostat, remote controls, digital assistants, whole-home audio, and many others.

It’s fantastic, but only when it works. And when it doesn’t, my darling wife is always there to let me know.

We recently had a problem with our home Wi-Fi. After updating the firmware on the Wi-Fi router, I suddenly lost the ability to change the settings on our smart remote control, or control our smart lights, from my phone. They gave me strange errors, like “you must be on the same network to make changes” even though the devices were absolutely on the same network. On the plus side, updating the firmware fixed my original error. It just broke a whole lot of other things.

Turning to support from the various manufacturers led to a lot of finger-pointing and not much help. I’m not surprised; a manufacturer can’t be expected to test every type of scenario a consumer might put their product through, and it’s pretty easy to blame someone else (in this case I’m pretty sure it’s the router’s fault, and if you see smoke by my house, it’s because I’ve set the router on fire).

I consider myself fairly tech-savvy and I had major problems that I couldn’t solve. It was painful!  I can’t imagine a non-techy person having any idea what to do with this situation.

Anyway, this gets me to an important point – as a business owner or manager, do you anticipate your customer’s pain points, and try to proactively address them?  Even better, if your customer calls you with a problem, are you able to fix it even if it’s not your fault?  Imagine how your customer would feel if you were able to do that.

The newest addition to our team, Obed and the Maxim Management crew, have done a great job recognizing a major pain point for our clients – accounting!  By using technology, they’ve developed a system that makes day-to-day accounting easy and far less painful for their clients, and are able to extract and report on real-time results.

We see huge value in what Avail Maxim does - by recognizing and providing a solution for a pain point, we are making our clients’ lives easier, reducing their stress, and improving the information they are getting on a regular basis.

I ended up replacing our router with a Google Wi-Fi system. It was by far the easiest network I’ve ever set up, has been rock solid with all of our connected devices, and greatly improved our Wi-Fi signal in the far reaches of our house. In other words, Google’s hard work in designing this system relieved a pain point for me, and I could see a non-techie person easily setting this up within a few minutes.

What are you doing to provide pain relief for your customers?  Even better, have you documented what you do, so everyone in your organizations knows how to deliver a consistent experience?  Finally, have you documented it in a way that a buyer could understand what you do and how you do it?  

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