The CEWS (Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy) and CRHP (Canada Recovery Hiring Program) are both available for claim periods 17 to 20. You may be eligible for both, but which one should you apply for?

Should I apply for CEWS or CRHP?

If you are eligible for both, the simple answer is - Apply for whichever subsidy gives you the higher amount.

The Government of Canada provides a calculator, both an online version and downloadable spreadsheet, that will calculate the values of both subsidies for you for claim periods 17 to 20 and help you to determine which amount is greater.

The calculators can be accessed HERE

Which subsidy am I eligible for?

Most of the eligibility criteria for the CRHP and CEWS are the same.

The CEWS eligibility criteria can be found HERE
The CRHP eligibility criteria can be found HERE

However, there are some additional requirements for for-profit corporations and partnerships to be eligible for the CRHP:

For-profit corporations may be eligible for the CRHP only if

  • they are Canadian-controlled private corporations, or
  • cooperative corporations that are eligible for the small business deduction

Partnerships may be eligible for the CRHP only if

  • at least half of the interest in the partnership is held by employers who are eligible for the CRHP.

Can I receive both subsidies at the same time?

No, you can only receive one subsidy per claim period.

Can I apply for a different subsidy each claim period?

Yes, during each claim period you may apply for a different subsidy (whichever is greater). To reiterate the answer to the previous question however, you may only receive one subsidy per period.

What about the other claim periods?

The CRHP and CEWS are both based on four-week claim periods. Currently, the two subsidies overlap for four of these claim periods, from June 6 to September 25, 2021 (periods 17 to 20).

Periods outside of this range are as follows:

Claim Period Dates Apply For
1 to 16 March 15, 2020 to June 5, 2021 CEWS Only
17 to 20 June 6 to September 25, 2021 CEWS or CRHP
21 to 22 September 26 to November 20, 2021 CRHP Only

*Please note that some claim periods are now closed for application.

What are the differences between the two subsidies?

The CEWS uses your revenue drop percentage determine if you qualify for the subsidy for a claim period and also to calculate your subsidy. The CRHP uses your revenue drop percentage only to determine if you qualify for the subsidy.

Other notable differences are as follows:

Subsidy Rate Varies based on revenue drop Fixed rate for each period
Top-Up Amount Available based on revenue drop Not available
Employee Pay Factor Based on amount paid during claim period Based on increase of amount paid during claim period
Can include employees on leave with pay Periods 17 to 19: Yes - 20: No No
Refund of employer-paid portions of CPP/QPP/EI/QPIP for furloughed employees Yes No
Subtracts ESDC's work-sharing amounts Yes No
Subject to possible repayment based on executive compensation Yes No

How do I apply?

You can initiate your application online by visiting the Government of Canada program portals.

Apply for the CEWS HERE
Apply for the CRHP HERE


If you have questions about which program is best for you, or would like assistance with completing an application for either the CEWS or CRHP, our team of tax experts has extensive knowledge and experience with both, and are available to assist you.

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