March 25 2021 | Personal Tax

Get a tax credit to help with the cost of eligible training fees

The Canada Training Credit (CTC) may be claimed for tuition and other fees paid for courses you have taken.

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February 26 2021 | COVID-19 , Personal Tax

Receive $561 from the Working Parents Benefit

Working parents who have children in either licensed or unlicensed child care may be eligible for this new one-time benefit.

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February 25 2021 | COVID-19 , Personal Tax

Claiming office expenses if you worked from home due to COVID-19

The CRA has added some new provisions to make it easier to submit a claim.

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February 4 2021 | Personal Tax

Claim this credit if you have, or support someone with, a disability

Learn more about the Disability Tax Credit, a non-refundable tax credit that can reduce the amount of taxes that you pay.

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January 29 2021 | COVID-19 , Personal Tax

Five new tax changes that may affect your 2020 return

From first-time homebuyers to digital subscription tax credits, see what's new this year.

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January 29 2021 | Personal Tax

Providing care for a family member? Learn more about the Caregiver Credit

If you have a family member with an impairment who is dependent on you, you may be eligible.

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January 25 2021 | COVID-19 , Personal Tax , Wealth Management

What to expect on your taxes if you received the CERB or CRB

Find our more about how each benefit might affect your taxes differently.

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December 15 2020 | Personal Tax

Out with the old. In with the electronic.

To help our clients in their busy lives, we are excited to be offering online, digital access to electronic copies of their tax returns from anywhere, anytime.

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April 8 2020 | COVID-19 , Personal Tax , Small Business

Payment Deferrals Available for Individuals and Businesses

​There are numerous payment deferral programs available to help alleviate the financial burden of the COVID-19 impact.

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March 31 2020 | COVID-19 , HR Consulting , Personal Tax

Avoid Delays. How To Set Up Your CRA My Account.

Learn how to set up your CRA My Account and help avoid delays when applying for COVID-19 relief benefits.

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