February 11 2021 | COVID-19

Are you eligible for the $1200 Critical Worker Benefit?

The benefit will provide a one-time payment of $1,200 to eligible Albertans and will be distributed to more than 380,000 workers.

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February 4 2021 | Tax

Claim this credit if you have, or support someone with, a disability

Learn more about the Disability Tax Credit, a non-refundable tax credit that can reduce the amount of taxes that you pay.

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February 1 2021 | Wealth Management

After a volatile year for markets, it's time for a free portfolio review

We cannot eliminate portfolio volatility, but we ​can use strategies to significantly minimize its impact.

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January 29 2021 | COVID-19 , Tax

Five new tax changes that may affect your 2020 return

From first-time homebuyers to digital subscription tax credits, see what's new this year.

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January 29 2021 | Tax

Providing care for a family member? Learn more about the Caregiver Credit

If you have a family member with an impairment who is dependent on you, you may be eligible.

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January 28 2021 | Firm News

We are excited to announce our newest Partner, Andrea Harper

Andrea's considerable tax expertise is a remarkable asset to both our clients, and our firm.

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January 25 2021 | COVID-19 , Tax , Wealth Management

What to expect on your taxes if you received the CERB or CRB

Find our more about how each benefit might affect your taxes differently.

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