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Deb Sincennes, CPA, CA

Principal, Lethbridge

I became a team member at Avail CPA in 1998. I love that my career at Avail CPA has been so dynamic. I’ve enjoyed working with many different clients from various industries and I’ve also been able to work with students helping them foster and grow their own careers.

Favorite Hobby
That would be gardening with flowers. I’m not what most would consider artistically creative, that’s why I became an accountant (ha, ha). I love that my flower garden is different every year and if the picture I’ve created isn’t quite right – oh well – there’s always next year.

Favorite Activity
Spending time with my grandchildren; they have this uncanny ability to make me smile, no matter the circumstances.

Favorite Quote
“We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.” – Mother Teresa



Deb Sincennes Deb Sincennes