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Jennifer Schafer, CPA, CGA

Principal, Vauxhall

I manage the Vauxhall branch office, where I have the opportunity each day to teach and stretch our team members to reach their full potential. I derive a great deal of pleasure from helping my small and medium sized business owners grow their businesses by suggesting practical solutions to their problems. I love working on ag files since it reminds me of my own childhood growing up on a family farm.

One of my greatest strengths is turning “accountant and tax language” into English for both our team members and our clients.

My Favorite Pie
Quite frankly, anything with the name “pie” must be good! Fruit pies, meat pies, you name it – I’m your girl! However, I do question if pies with only one crust should still be able to hold the name of “pie”, they should have a different name that sets them a little below the title of pie.

Guilty Pleasure
I hate to admit it, but I am a “Twilight” junkie – and team Edward all the way! When my husband and son are away for a weekend, I will have a Twilight marathon where I will watch all five movies in one sitting; then I will finish off the weekend by rereading one (or two!) of the books. {sigh} I LOVE my Twilight weekends!

I’m Passionate About
my family and my home province - Saskatchewan. All of my family and my husband’s family still reside in Saskatchewan, and we travel home often to visit. My favorite color is green, I watch Saskatchewan news, and I do feel obliged to cheer for the Rough Riders (even though I am not a football fan). And yes, I do bleed green! 


Jennifer Schafer Jennifer Schafer