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Lynnette Hochstein

Manager, Taber

My High School Class Prophecy
When I graduated from high school (a really long time ago) our class prophecy said I would be an accountant (they even gave me a pack of monopoly money to count). So off to college I went to study Business, where in fact I did major in accounting. It was several years though, before I saw my career in accounting actually take hold.

My Work
Concentrates on two areas of specialization:

As a GST Specialist with Avail CPA, I work hard to stay up to date with all the GST rules and regulations.  GST questions and concerns are a regular part of my day – I am happy to answer your questions and if I don’t know the answer I will certainly look it up!

I am part of the Ag Team here at Avail CPA.  Having spent most of my life on a farm or ranch, I have developed an appreciation for the uniqueness of this business we call farming and love to work together with my farming clients to prepare clear financial reports and assist them in their applications for the many government programs out there.

What I Love Most About Public Practice
Is that no two days are ever the same, except perhaps during personal tax season when the days all seem to run together.

My Greatest Accomplishment
My husband and I have 3 wonderful children; two of whom are established in their own careers and one who is currently in university.  I had the privilege of raising my children before chasing a full time career and am very pleased that I was able to fulfill that high school prophecy in public practice at Avail CPA.

In My Spare Time
Life is ever changing for me.  It used to be that my spare time was filled with following my children around to their various sports and activities.  Now that my husband and I are empty-nesters – we seem to have embraced a new hobby that we can do together…..who knew we would become part-time carpenters and DYI home finishers?  I can certainly out-paint anyone in my family.

Lynnette Hochstein Lynnette Hochstein