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Bryce Bennett, CPA, CA

Partner, Taber

I am a partner in our Taber office working mainly with agriculture, small business, and oilfield-related clients. I really enjoy working with the Avail CPA team and helping my clients be successful in accomplishing their goals and objectives.

If I Weren’t an Accountant I’d Be
A chef!  I love to be creative with food. Although my creations are not all fantastic, I love the experience of trying to create something new and tasty.

Favorite Holiday
Our family visited Prince Edward Island a few years ago in the summer.  What a beautiful place and friendly people!

Favorite Team
Any team one of my six children may be on.  Basketball, football, rugby, soccer…..it doesn’t matter. I really enjoy watching them play and the fun they have doing so.

Travel Tips
Pack light and enjoy the ride!  


Bryce Bennett Bryce Bennett