We would like to congratulate one of our Partners at Avail, James Nakashima, CPA, CA, CBV for earning his CDFA® professional designation.

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® is "skilled in analyzing and providing expertise related to the financial issues of divorce [and] provides litigation support for the lawyer and client” (IDFA).

Lawyers require a financial expert to better meet the needs of a client going through divorce. A CDFA can help to:

  • clarify tax issues that apply to a divorce
  • uncover 'hidden assets'
  • divide retirement/pension funds
  • clear up short and long-term effects of dividing property

James passed this rigorous program in February 2020, ratifying his ability as an expert on the financial aspects of divorce. There are currently no other financial experts with the CDFA® professional designation in Southern Alberta (*south of Calgary).

A divorce can be the largest transaction of a person’s life, adding an expert to the team ensures the best result during this difficult time.

To learn more about the functions of a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, or to book a free one hour, no-obligation consultation, contact James today at 403-382-6800.

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