Our strategic wealth management partner, WealthCo, will be hosting a free webinar titled “To stay or not to stay invested”.

The IAC (Integrated Advisory Community) is a growing community of innovative Canadian CPA firms and financial professionals focused on leading the new era of financial advice in Canada, and as a member of the Community, Avail CPA is proud to provide our clients with exclusive access to resources such as this webinar.

What is the webinar about?

The webinar is focused on answering one of the most frequently asked questions investors have today:

"My investments are down and the market is volatile. Should I stay invested in the markets?

In addition to the current state of the markets, the webinar will also address inflation, and there will be a moderated Q&A at the end of the event for attendees to ask their own questions.

Who will be presenting?

The webinar will be hosted by Dave Makarchuk, Chief Investment Officer for WealthCo.

When is the webinar?

Thursday, December 8, at 11:45 AM MST.

How do I register for the free webinar?

To register for the event, simply click the button below to access the event registration page.


If you have any questions about this article, the webinar, or any of our related services, please contact one of our wealth management experts or complete the contact form below.


Tyler Brack

Tyler Brack

As Avail CPA’s wealth planner, Tyler works with an integrated team of highly skilled professional advisors to establish clarity, deliver insight, and execute strategies that help clients achieve their financial goals today and in the future.

Service Expertise: Wealth Management , Estate Planning

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