The Alberta Jobs Now program will provide up to $370 million to help private and non-profit businesses reduce the cost of hiring and training unemployed or underemployed Albertans for new and vacant jobs.

How much funding can I receive?

Eligible employers can: 

  • apply for a grant to offset salary or training costs, or both, equal to:

- 25% of a new hire’s salary up to $25,000 per employee
- 7.5% of the new hire's salary up to $37,500 per employee with a disability

  • apply for up to 20 full-time new hires per intake period:

First Intake - May 20 to August 31, 2021
Second Intake - September 15 to December 31, 2021
Third Intake - to be announced at a later date

How can this benefit me?

Employers - You can apply to the Albertan Jobs Now program to cover wages or training costs of hiring unemployed or underemployed workers in new or vacant positions. This funding can help you re-open or expand their operations.

Unemployed or Underemployed - If you are unemployed or working fewer than 30 hours a week and looking for a new job, let potential employers know they can apply for the Alberta Jobs Now program to cover wages and training costs if they hire you. *Workers cannot apply for the program directly.

Albertans With Disabilities - Employers who hire persons with disabilities will receive a grant 1.5 times higher than the amount they would receive for other employees. If you have a disability and are looking for work, you can let employers know they can receive extra grant money through the Alberta Jobs Now Program if they hire you.

When will I receive my funding payment?

Eligible employers will have the choice to receive:

1 Payment - 100% of the grant after new hires have been employed for 52 weeks.


2 Payments - 50% of the eligible grant when the new hires have been employed for 3 months, and the remaining 50% after the new hire has been employed for 52 weeks.

Who is eligible and how do I apply?

For detailed information on eligibility requirements and how to apply for this funding, we recommend that you please visit the official Alberta Jobs Now program website.
The application portal may be accessed directly by visiting:


If you have any questions about the Alberta Jobs Now program, please contact one of our Small Business experts or complete the contact form below.

Brad Zander

Brad Zander

Brad Zander is a Manager specializing in Online Accounting, Business Advisory and CFO Services at Avail CPA. He works closely with small business owners to create operational efficiencies.

Industry Expertise: Small Business , Food and Beverage , Technology

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