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Meaning “to be of use or value; to profit; to have force or efficacy; to serve, help, and be effective in the achievement of a goal or objective”, Avail CPA is the firm that helps clients realize their business and personal goals. Formerly Young Parkyn McNab LLP Chartered Accountants, Avail CPA is the largest independently owned accounting firm in southern Alberta. We have the experience and skills to provide customized client solutions, and our unique team approach allows us to create an exceptional client experience. 

Leadership Lesson #12: Be the Director of Reality, Positivity, and Enthusiasm

Leadership can be hard. But if you can face reality AND remain positive and enthusiastic, you can lead your team to where you want to be. Find out more in Leadership Lesson #12 from George Virtue.

Spark Business Consultation

Make Your Board More Than a Group Project

If your Board of Directors is full of no-shows, non-helpers, or over-committers, it might be time to look at the size and composition of your Board to be more effective and enjoy the experience more.

Not For Profit

Wealth Planning for You

Your investments are your choice and a reflection of where you have been... and where you want to go. Avail Wealth Planning will help you develop a wealth plan that's right for you.

Wealth Planning

NFPs are at Greater Risk of Fraud Loss

An average not-for-profit organization loses 5-6% of its annual revenue to fraud – which is on-average about $145,000 – and generally takes an average of 18 months to be detected. What is fraud, and how can you protect your organization?

Not For Profit

Quality, Convenience, Cost

Do you go grab a Big Mac and fries for the quality? The convenience? Or the cost? McDonald's fills a convenience-cost area in the market. Where does your business operate?


Bookkeeping for Beginners

This hands-on bookkeeping workshop hosted by Tecconnect+ED and taught by our own Chelsey Kitaguchi will help bookkeepers with the technical, practical, and theoretical aspects of business books.

Events & Seminars

Leadership Lesson #11: Leave Nothing to Chance

Would you "wing it" and hope for the best when planning a wedding or building a house? No way! Business ideas and plans can't be left to chance either. Find out how to make a solid plan to implement a new idea or solution.

Spark Business Consultation