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Experience. Avail.

Meaning “to be of use or value; to profit; to have force or efficacy; to serve, help, and be effective in the achievement of a goal or objective”, Avail CPA is the firm that helps clients realize their business and personal goals. Formerly Young Parkyn McNab LLP Chartered Accountants, Avail CPA is the largest independently owned accounting firm in southern Alberta. We have the experience and skills to provide customized client solutions, and our unique team approach allows us to create an exceptional client experience. 

Women in Business by the Numbers

More Canadian women are entrepreneurs and business owners than ever before. Find out more about women in business with our handy infographic.

More Money. More Time.

We can make more money. We can't make more time.

How are you spending yours?

Wealth Planning

Pass the Aspirin - Think About Relieving Your Customers' Pain

Knowing - and proactively addressing - your customers' pain points is like medicine for what ails them. As a business owner, what are you doing to provide pain relief for your customers?


Charity Golf Tournaments: Are You Doing It Right?

Stay out of the rough! If you're organizing a charity golf tournament this summer, make sure you know how to properly issue donation receipts in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency rules.

Not For Profit

Income Tax At a Glance

Here's a quick look at personal income tax returns in Canada.


Education Program for Charities

If you're a registered charity, look for a letter from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) that you've been selected for a Charities Education Program visit. Click here to find out more about this new program.

Not For Profit