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Financial statements small business

Notice to Reader: What it Is and Why You Need One

Your bank says you need a Notice to Reader from your accountant, but you're not sure what that means. Find out what this type of financial statement is and it's necessary. 

Executor's responsibilities when loved one passes away

An Executor's Checklist

You've been asked to be someone's executor when they pass away. Now what? Our checklist will guide you through the most common duties and responsibilities of an executor.

Business Valuations Made Easy

What's a business valuation? Why do you need one? Find out more in this Business Valuations video.

Charity vs Not-for-Profit

Although charities and not-for-profit organizations operate on a non-profit basis, they're not the same. Find out what makes them different and what tax requirements each has in this infographic.

Integrated Wealth Planning

Accountant. Financial planner. Investment banker. Insurance broker. All of these professional advisors offer expertise but do they all have one clear vision of your overall goals? If you're tired of being the project manager of all your financial advisors, integrated wealth management is for you! Find out more in this video.

Cybersecurity Training: You Know You Need It

Phishing, ransomware, viruses, and hackers can cripple your business in seconds. How can you keep your data safe and eliminate costly downtime? Cybersecurity training is one way to keep your organization safe from a cyber attack.

Why do you do what you do

Start With Why

Knowing why you do what you do in your business helps you make better decisions and increases the value of your business. And it all starts with asking, "why?"

Women business owner entrepreneur working on business plan

Starting a New Business

There are a million things to consider when starting a new business. A business plan and your business structure ought to be on that list. Start your business off right with these helpful hints.