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Brad Zander, CPA

Manager, Lethbridge

I am the Manager of the outsourced accounting solutions arm at Avail CPA and is both a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), and a QuickBooks Online Pro-advisor.

I'm passionate about finding solutions for small business owners that lead them to venture into the cloud accounting world which leverages financial technology to streamline the accounting function. This allows key players within organizations spend to less time with data entry and more time doing more meaningful work for their organizations.

Unknown Fact
I own over 350 board games. Yes, I've played them all and no, I do not have a problem!

Languages I Speak
Other than English, Portuguese and a couple dialects of African Creole from the Cape Verde islands. I'm a bit rusty but can still hold a conversation.

How I Cope With a Rough Day
Step 1) Go get a pizza sub from Subway.
Step 2) Play Super Mario World on Super Nintendo or Wii, while listening to Taylor Swift and eating Subway.
Step 3) I’m now having the best day ever! 

Interesting Scar
Big fat cut scar on my left arm. I got this baby when I was attacked by a lion, while living in Cape Verde, Africa…

Jokes, I really got it when I was jumping onto the top bunk of a metal bunk bed without using my hands. I made the jump, but I now will never forget how silly I was as a teenager.  

Articles by Brad Zander:

Brad Zander Brad Zander