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George Virtue, FCPA, FCA, AMSF

Business Consultant (Retired Partner), Lethbridge

What I do
My professional life has always been focused to enable me to pursue my passion for leadership and business improvement. After 20 years as Managing Partner of Avail CPA, I now use the skills that I learned to assist good businesses led by engaged people to become great.  As a Strategic Advisor I help businesses and other organizations develop and implement their Vision, Strategy and Improvement plans. I love my job!

My Passions
I am a fly fisherman trapped in an accountant’s body!

I have 650 bottles of exceptional wine in my wine cellar.

I read every new management and leadership book that I can find and I make one little change in my life from every book that I read.

I am lucky to have a great family, including 5 brothers and sisters; my wife, Carole, two wonderfully eclectic sons – a Professor and a Roofer; and two grandchildren, Arlo and Nora.

Who I Am
I love to learn, to teach, to create and to challenge the status quo. I love to inspire, to support, to motivate and to lead. I provide optimism, clarity, humor and positivity to whatever I do.

Articles by George Virtue:

George Virtue George Virtue