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Eric Venzon

Junior Software Developer, Virtual

I graduated from the Computer Information Technology Program at Lethbridge College and started as an intern doing software development. In September 2018 I officially became part of the Avail CPA tech team. I'm passionate about developing software and designing interfaces that help people with their technological experience.

Dogs or Cats
I like cats, but I love dogs. I have 2 adorable dogs named Roxy - a Pomeranian Poodle - and her daughter, Bean - a Pomeranian Poodle x Boxer Basset Hound. If you bring a dog in to a meeting, chances are I'm hanging out with your dog.

Musical Instruments
I used to be musically active and taught myself to play the guitars, drums, and piano. Now I have so many hobbies that I stopped playing my instruments. I secretly want to start a punk rock band and play on stage again.

Star Trek or Star Wars
I'm probably a little short to be a stormtrooper. If you get it, you know the answer.

Eric Venzon Eric Venzon