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Haley Plomp

CPA Candidate, Lethbridge

I graduated from the University of  Lethbridge and started with Avail CPA in September 2016 I had previously done two 8-month co-ops at Suncor in Calgary, and I’m excited to continue my career here at Avail. I will start the CPA program in May of 2017.

Favorite Holiday
Summer of 2015 I backpacked through Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos for 25 days. Some things I did while there include bungee jumping, trekking through the jungle, and seeing Angkor Wat (which was incredible).

Favorite National Park
Waterton! In the summer of 2011 I worked at the Waterton Lakes Golf Course. While there I hiked numerous hikes, saw more bears than I can even remember (including one that jumped out in front of us onto Bertha Lake trail – SCARY), and golfed…. A lot!

Pet Peeves
When people leave their signal light on for miles when they are not actually turning.

Biggest Fear
Sharks, which is odd considering I live in the prairies. But one day I will face my fear while cage diving face to face with some great whites. 

Haley Plomp Haley Plomp