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Chase Oberg, CPA, CA

Manager, Fort Macleod

I joined Avail as a manager in the Fort Macleod office in November 2018 after spending seven years in Calgary with a strong focus on professional corporations and small/medium business enterprises. Ultimately my wife (Megan) and I felt it was time to move back to southern Alberta to be closer to family as we started our own.

Bucket List
As a diehard baseball fan I am in the process of watching a game in every major league stadium. I currently have eight out of thirty stadiums checked off (some multiple times) but my favorites would have to be Dodgers Stadium and Fenway Park.

Proudest Moment
April 11, 2016 - the day I became a Dad to my daughter Nora.

Favorite Holiday
SANTAAA!!! (if you’ve ever seen the movie Elf with Will Farrell, it sounds like that). I’m a huge fan of the Christmas season for a number of reasons…(movies, food/cooking/eating, decorations/lights, and giving).

Unknown Fact
I actually find folding the laundry very relaxing while watching the sports on the TV…and I’m pretty OCD on how my clothes are folded so it takes a while!!!

Chase Oberg Chase Oberg