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Jiwon Kwak

Administration, Fort Macleod

I started working for Avail CPA in January of 2019 as an Administrative Assistant. As a new graduate and a local to Fort Macleod, I am blessed to be a part of a team where I can contribute a strong work ethic while building my knowledge and experience in the accounting field.

I grew up in South Korea in the third largest city called Incheon. I decided to move to Canada in 2001 and have been living in Fort Macleod for five years now and have fallen in the love with the community.

Cats or Dogs
I am a proud owner of two Pekingese dogs as they bring a lot of joy to my family. Pekingese are a very small and lazy dog yet extremely loyal. If you have ever seen the movie Star Wars, my dogs look like identical to Chewbacca.

Proudest moment
When my kids were younger, I was an active member of the Korean Society. I volunteered for a children’s traditional Korean dance group, where I assisted with the instruction and coordination of various performances and fundraising events. The memories of my children in traditional Korean costumes will always be a very proud moment.

Jiwon Kwak Jiwon Kwak