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Ryan Kurtz, CPA

Supervisor, Lethbridge

While in school I worked at Avail CPA as a co-op student for 8 months in the Taber office. After graduating from the University of Lethbridge in the summer of 2017, I started working at Avail CPA in the Lethbridge office in September 2017.

Interesting Scar
On the left side of my chest I have a small scar about the size of a nail. I got this scar from working a summer construction job with my brother. We were nailing together some roof trusses and while I was holding the boards together for my brother to nail, my brother slipped with the trigger pulled  and then next thing I knew I had a nail stuck in my chest.

Favorite Hobby
When I am not busy at work, I can be found in the shop working on my wood lathe. I enjoy turning bowls of all shapes and sizes, and have recently started to experiment and make baby rattles.

Favorite Holiday
Travelling across Japan for two weeks with my wife was quite the trip. The trip consisted of losing each other in the busiest subway station in the world, hitting my head constantly (I am 6’4”), going to a traditional Japanese hot springs, and eating a variety of interesting foods.

Ryan Kurtz