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Brianne Johnson

Administration, Vauxhall

I have recently joined the Avail CPA Team in Vauxhall. I am excited to help both our clients as well as our own team with their day-to-day tasks and opportunities. I look forward to being the friendly voice on the phone, organizing meetings or even being the welcoming face who greets our clients at the door! I’m ready to be a part of the team and making each moment count.

Hidden Talents
I was a Scottish Highland Dancer for 20 years and held my first level of coaching under the certifying board. Therefore; I love the sound of bagpipes!

Team I Cheer For
My favourite sport to watch is the Winter Olympics – I get very involved in my cheering and keep track of all the Canadian events. In non-Olympic years, I cheer for the Edmonton Oilers and Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Guilty Pleasure
I love baking & baked goods – I firmly believe the Canadian Food Guide should have a “carbovore” section.

Brianne Johnson Brianne Johnson