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Nicole Jennison

Administration, Taber

I’m a member of the Taber Avail CPA A-Team, and enjoy my job immensely. There are always different things to do, people to talk to, and different jobs to complete. It’s been a challenge to learn the ways of admin, but I work with some great people who are always willing to help. No two days are alike, and it keeps us on our toes!

I Cheer For
Edmonton Oilers all the way. I was raised an Oilers' fan and now my cousin Brandon plays for the team! Go Oilers!!

Guilty Pleasure
Zombie shows. Aside from being highly entertaining, I figure they count as educational and instructive. When the Zombie apocalypse happens, I will be ready. Will you?

My Closet-Crazy
I’ve found grammatical errors in published books I’ve read. I have seriously taken a red pen and corrected them. I’m neurotic that way.

If I Could Choose a Superpower
Telekenesis. To be able to sit on my favorite chair and read while the house cleans itself would be amazing!

Bucket List Highlight
I did a Spartan Sprint in 2015 with some friends. It was a rainy, cold, crappy, muddy day, but I LOVED it!!  We have plans for more Spartans, Tough Mudders, and even the Foam Run this year!

Nicole Jennison Nicole Jennison