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Ben Hinckley

Co-op Student, Fort Macleod

I am a junior accountant in the Fort Macleod office. Chatting with clients about what their business is all about makes me excited! I get to value their expertise as I listen to the unique challenges they face in southern Alberta. My life has changed immensely since my baby boy was born, who has become the pride of my life. I get excited coming to work knowing that my clients are also a part of my Avail family and that I can provide for them.

Saver or spender?
Saver. Saver. Saver. In my family I am the one who controls the budgets. Ensuring I get the best value for my dollar is a natural instinct within me. The only thing I spend profuse amounts on is outdoor gear.

I love the outdoors and being in the back country. Whether it’s camping, hiking, shooting archery, or just hanging out at the lake. 

From accounting advice to trail tips, get in touch and we can get you where you want to be.

Ben Hinckley Ben Hinckley