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Jordan Gunderson

CPA Candidate, Fort Macleod

I have been with Avail CPA since May 2017 and have enjoyed every minute of it. As a CPA student I am climbing a steep learning curve and am excited about the challenges I am facing and the growth they promote. My passion is helping my clients by understanding their goals and providing them with the advice and resources to meet them.

My Hobbies Include
The top three are probably volleyball, video games and reading. Oh, and food. I love eating food! If I am not exploring Middle-Earth or Azeroth on my computer, I am probably exploring it in a book.

My Favourite Memories
Spending all night awake with my newborn babies. Yes, it was exhausting, but they are only babies once and I like to think that they were too excited to sleep because they wanted to spend time with me.

When I Have a Minute all to Myself
You can likely find me at home wrapped in my Vancouver Canucks blanket and watching the Office while I assemble my Lord of the Rings jigsaw puzzle. Nothing relaxes me more than this tradition.

Jordan Gunderson Jordan Gunderson