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Brittany Gorzitza

Administration, Fort Macleod

I joined Avail CPA in the Fort Macleod office in March of 2019. I am a part of the Administration team here. I love working with all the clients that come in to the office and greeting them with a smile as soon as they walk in the door. My job is amazing and so is everyone who works here! I look forward to growing and learning more in this position as the time passes.

Rock or Country?
I love listening to Rock and Roll but my personal favorite is Grunge. I try my best to make it to every rock concert that comes to southern Alberta!

Dogs or Cats?
I’m definitely a dog person, I currently have 2 dogs right now. 

Fun Fact
I collect, it’s certainly strange but ever since I was a little girl I have collected elephant trinkets or really anything that has to do with an elephant.

Brittany Gorzitza