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Kelly Dyck, CPA, CA

COO, Human Resources, Lethbridge

I joined the firm in 1985 and after obtaining my CA designation, I moved into an HR and Management role. Working each day with our innovative team makes my job very rewarding. It is always exciting to recruit top talent into the firm and watch them grow and develop into exceptional professionals. 

Roller coasters – I have heard “don’t worry, it will be fun” too often.  Liars.

My family. They are funny, smart, and kind and I am grateful for them (almost) everyday!

Pet Peeve
Clutter. I watch episodes of “Hoarders” while spring cleaning for extra motivation!

I Collect
Nothing – see Pet Peeve above.  Although, I do have a lot of books….

If I Could Go Back in Time...
I would change nothing except for the bad perm in high school.  


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