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Lisa Clarke, CPA, CA

Manager, Lethbridge

I have been with Avail CPA for over 15 years and absolutely love it! As a senior manager, I work mostly in the not-for-profit area. I enjoy being able to assist clients with complex situations and make their audit less painful. It is very challenging and rewarding at the same time; I learn something new almost every day. I also do a lot of the training in the office. I love being able to assist new students and put them at ease with their transition into the work life.

Favorite Phrase
Apparently I say “here’s the deal” a lot because my kids have started repeating me. Definitely have to come up with something new here!

Best Airport Story
Just about to turn our cell phones off to get on the plane to head to New York when The David Letterman show called to give us tickets to the show. Good thing our plane had been delayed waiting for a connection. What a great start to a vacation!

Least Favorite Chore
Getting the kids to do their homework.

I’m Passionate About
Running. Although I did realize that long distances are not my thing; half-marathon is the longest run I have done.

Best Holiday
Went to Niagara Falls last summer with my family. What an amazing place: pictures do not do it justice!

If I Could Live Anywhere
It would be somewhere warm all year round with no wind


Lisa Clarke Lisa Clarke