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Karly Bond

Business Development/Marketing, Lethbridge

I really love irony. Like the fact that I have absolutely no head for numbers but I work at an accounting firm. As Director of Marketing at Avail CPA, I get to do the fun and creative marketing stuff, and work with awesome people in every office. My English degree and special event experience come in handy every day. I have the most fun job at the firm!

I Can't Say No To...
Throw pillows. There simply cannot be too many throw pillows on the couch or bed or arm chair. They are so cozy and bring a spot of color and interest to any room. My family doesn't even let me go down the pillow aisle at the store because I can't resist buying a new one that catches my eye. So now I go shopping by myself.

Hidden Talent
I can print in mirror-image: letters backwards, right-to-left. It’s weird, and might only come in handy if I’m being kidnapped and can write a life-saving note on the foggy car window.

Happy Place
Waterton Lakes National Park. I can just feel the stress melting away when I drive through the park gates. Any season, any time, I am a happy girl in Waterton. (You'd think that someone with a crazy fear of bears wouldn't choose the wild Rocky Mountains as her happy place. Again, irony.)

Proudest Moment
When my kids’ report cards say that they are kind, helpful, caring, and generous with friends and teachers. Their scholastic success is good, but knowing that they are growing into wonderful human beings is what really matters. 

Karly Bond Karly Bond