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IT Challenges for New Businesses

You’ve got your great business idea hammered out, your financing is in place, and you’re ready to launch! But have you considered your information technology needs? Here are a few IT challenges that all new businesses face:

What tools do you need for your business?
A one-person business can get away with simple IT systems. As you grow, you will want your IT infrastructure to grow with it.  Key tools you need to consider include office applications (like Microsoft Office or G Suite by Google), email, customer tracking, accounting/bookkeeping, storage, and backups. Collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack can make your team far more efficient, while business intelligence tools like PowerBI give insight to your business’ performance. This is in addition to any specialized tools you might need. 

Where is your data stored and how do you back it up?
Your business’ data is critical. But too often, we see clients who have all of their data saved on an ancient laptop with no backup. Data loss can cost you time and money. Backups can be set to run automatically and cost very little to put in place.

Cloud storage, like Box, Onedrive, or Dropbox are easy to use and access, and provide off-site backups in case of a disaster. Just keep in mind where these companies store your data, and if you are comfortable with the security systems they use to protect your data.

Who has access to your network and data?
As you grow your business and start taking on employees, you will have to think about how you manage who can access your data, and just as importantly, who is in charge of removing access when employees leave.

How do you handle email?
Have you ever contacted a business and their email was @yahoo.com or something similar? It feels a little unprofessional, doesn’t it? It’s pretty easy to get set up with an email that says something about your business. But as in point 4, you will need to figure how to manage employees on your email system.

How do you prevent IT security breaches?
Once you have everything set up, do you know enough to prevent security breaches? One of the biggest means of entry is via phishing attacks – do you and your team know enough to spot a suspicious email and deal with it accordingly?

These issues can be challenging for a business owner to navigate – especially if you are not familiar or comfortable with technology. We can help – our team of IT professionals can assist with any of these issues, and more. Give us a call – we’ll take care of this so you can get back to doing what you love!

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