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I Love This Life: Achieving Work-Life Balance Through Technology

Do you have nightmares about shoeboxes of receipts? Do you dread having to organize your records to bring to your accountant? Do you wish you had more time to spend with your family or be away from the office? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Avail CPA’s virtual accounting and advisory services can help with that.

When many people start a business, it is because they are passionate about something. They quickly realize that they do not just get to do what they are passionate about, but there is a back-end to a business that requires organization and record-keeping for financial purposes. Many people underestimate how much time needs to be spent paying bills, invoicing, banking, doing payroll and managing employees, etc. We want to help you spend less time doing this part and more time doing what you love. Going virtual can lighten the load for business owners and free up their time to do other things.

Not everyone is extremely tech savvy, but wouldn’t you say that most people are somewhat attached at the hip (or ear) to their smartphones these days? Many people are utilizing apps which help them stay organized or do banking among many other things. With a little bit of training, most people who are competent using a smartphone or a computer can take their business virtual.

Now getting to the fun part, what are the benefits of going virtual?

  • No more trips to the accountant to drop off records (not that we do not want to see you, but you have better things to do!).
  • All your documents will be uploaded via apps to the cloud and stored there, which means less paper waste and storage. For example, you fuel up, take a photo of the receipt with your smartphone, upload it to the app and throw out the receipt right then and there.
  • We handle all of your payroll needs so all you have to do is approve the time (already entered by your employees via an app, if you choose to go that route) and we take care of the rest.                        
  • Invoicing is done virtually, and payments can be received virtually which means less time waiting in line at the bank. You can invoice or do up an estimate on the spot right at the jobsite from your smartphone.
  • Help to audit-proof your books by attaching the documentation to each transaction.
  • Stay organized and increase productivity by getting things done on the spot. No more trips to the office anymore just to do a couple of things. With virtual accounting you can do routine business tasks from the comfort of your home, the jobsite, the beach, or anywhere.
  • The Avail CPA team will have simultaneous access to your records and we can act as a partner in sharing duties and taking care of issues that arise.

You can’t lose by going virtual. In fact, you will only gain –increased productivity, more organization and accurate records in real-time, and more time to spend doing the things you like with the people you love.

Contact us today to see how easy it can be to love your life again.

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