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I Have A Fever

38.8 ° Celsius. That's how it started. Our son had a temperature of 38.8. Our daughter quickly followed, and her temperature jumped above 40 a few times. 

A couple weeks ago, both our kids got sick at the same time. As any parent knows, sick kids are so much fun. First, there's the whining and crying. Most of that comes from me. Then there's the lack of sleep, disgusting runny noses, and a very high probability of having someone sneeze directly in your mouth. I guess our kids decided that if one of them being sick is so much fun, why not double it?

One of the tools we lean on when our kids are ill is a slick thermometer made by Withings (now Nokia). It's called the Thermo and it's a "smart" thermometer. Firstly, you swipe it across the forehead and it takes the temperature within 2-3 seconds. There's no jamming a thermometer in a squirming kid's armpit and pinning them down WWE-style to hold them still for 15-30 seconds and hoping you get an accurate reading. That alone is worth the price of admission, but the Thermo also has a companion smartphone app. You can assign temperature readings to family members, which are all tracked in the app. And if you drug your children (which you should), you can add that too. The app shows a timeline of temperature readings and medications - it's a great visual to see how the fever has changed over time. 

This isn't an ad for the Thermo, although you should probably buy one if you have kids. It's a great example of something many business owners forget - understanding your key performance indicators, tracking them, measuring them, and monitoring the effect that changes have on these indicators. When our kids are sick, we give them Advil or Tylenol. We can log this in the Thermo app and track the effect on the kids' temperatures. This has taught us that Advil tends to be more effective at bringing the fever down, and while Tylenol is not as good, we can give Tylenol more often. Knowing this, we carefully strategize our kids' drug dosage to try and maximize the overall effectiveness for when we need it most. 

Think about this - what changes are you making in your business? Are you tracking and measuring key indicators that will tell you if those changes are making an impact? Change is hard - it takes a lot of effort and determination to make changes stick, so it's critical to make sure your changes actually have a positive impact on your business. And if you can clearly show someone what your key performance indicators are, and how you can make changes to positively impact them, it's much easier to demonstrate the potential for growth and improvement to a buyer. 

The Thermo just gives us an accessible and reliable stream of data - it's up to us to monitor it and figure out what works and what doesn't. That's what you need to do in your business - make sure your data is reliable and easy to get, and then understand how to use that data. We can help! Getting your bookkeeping up to date, streamlining your data gathering process, and then developing and helping you monitor your performance indicators is something we do for our clients every day. Give us a call to learn more! 

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