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Help for the Cash Flow Crunch

The extended harvest this year will put a stain on the cash flows of most operations, especially those who have pressing bills, wages and custom work charges, as well as upcoming debt payments. The producers who are used to having some post-harvest deliveries to meet those immediate cash flow requirements by the time November rolls around are now hoping to push those requirements for a few more weeks.

One solution to help with the cash flow crunch is the use of the Advance Payment Program (APP) provided by Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada and administrated by producer organizations all over Canada.

The APP is a cash advance program for farmers and producers can receive up to $400,000 based on the value of your agriculture product in the field or in the bins. The first $100,000 is interest free for farmers and the remaining $300,000 has low interest rates, with repayment as the product is sold. Repayment terms are between 18-24 months and provide producer with the option to market their product and get the best price possible, rather than sell quickly post-harvest to meet those obligations.

The APP advances provides producers with low-cost, short-term cash flow assistance to meet their immediate cash flow obligations and give them the freedom to market their products for the best price available.

The Agriculture Advisors at Avail CPA will provide further insight into the benefits and requirements of the program, will help you navigate the different producer organizations that can provide APP advances, and assist with the application process. Give us a call today and see how we can help.

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