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Disrupting: How to Lead the Change in Your Industry

If you pay attention to the news, attend business conferences or read leadership books you will have heard an awful lot about “disruption” over the past few years. We are told that the pace of change is exponentially higher than it has ever been before; that many of our jobs will be replaced by automation and technology; that the internet of things will make most of our mundane tasks unnecessary; and that artificial intelligence will be the way of the future.

While I do not disagree with these statements, I say “Enough about disruption – Let’s talk about disrupting!” Given the deep pockets of large corporations and the innovative minds of a few true geniuses, what can we do – as small business owners –  to disrupt our own businesses before others do it for us?

The following are ten insights that may help you become a disruptor.

Nobody Cares What You Do!
… But they do care why you do it. What is your “why”? Is it inspiring? Is it the same as your competitors?  Or is your “why” something that drives your passion to change the world through your business?

Go Crazy - Break Something!
For most of my life I was taught to value stability: if something isn’t broken don’t fix it. Forget all of that. Rather than focusing on stability, try embracing disruption as a cultural norm within your business.

Science Fiction is Not Fiction Anymore
What was once fiction and unthinkable is now the reality. Much (but not all) disruption will be driven by taking advantage of technology. Embrace technology in all areas of your business.

Plumbers are Not Really in the Plumbing Business
Focus on the issue you are solving for your customer. Being customer-centric means to understand the needs or desires of your customer that can be met by your product or service.

Dr. Evil Had it Right!
Dr. Evil and other villains have a passion for destruction as they pursue their diabolical plans to rule the world. Plan for disrupting your business and industry. Take risk by trying new things.

How to Build a Bomb in Your Garage
Have you ever had a great idea that you never quite got around to acting upon?  Failure to implement happens when we do not have a process for turning ideas into action. Investment of time up front in the planning process will provide a significant ROI.

Fail More!
Fear of failure will prevent us from trying. Yet, failure is only a mistake if we do not take the opportunity to learn from it. So fail, adjust, improve, fail again, adjust, improve and fail again if necessary.

Triple Your Success Rate
If you are to be successful in your pursuit of disrupting, you must ensure readiness for 1) change, 2) capability for change, and 3) the right beliefs about change success.

We Just Don’t Get It!
All disruption seems unthinkable until it happens and then we wonder why we didn’t think of that sooner! Most of us do not see the urgency to disrupt – so we continue doing what we are doing until we are disrupted by someone else. Be the disrupter in your business.

Some Final Thoughts About Disrupting
Disrupt your business before it is disrupted by others. Make the important task of disrupting URGENT. Think Big … Act Small … Fail Fast … Learn Rapidly.

When you’re ready to become a disruptor and lead your business to success, give our business consulting group a call. We love helping business owners and leaders prepare for the future and thrive.

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