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Beware of Scams

Every day fraudsters posing as Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) agents try to trick, frighten, and pressure Canadian taxpayers into giving out personal identity and banking information. Because these scams are sophisticated, telephone calls, emails, text messages, and mail correspondence might seem legitimate but are actually trying to defraud you of money or steal your identity.

The CRA has provided clear information on how they will and will not communicate with taxpayers. The CRA will NEVER:

-use nasty language or threaten you
-ask for credit card information or request payment by credit card
-ask for your personal information by email or text
-threaten that you with the RCMP or arrest (the RCMP do not work for CRA, and the CRA has its own collection agency)

The CRA will:

-email you only if you have signed up for online mail through MyAccount
-put a note in your file each time they contact you, so you and your accountant can confirm the contact

If you receive a threatening, pressure-filled, or fishy phone call or email from a supposed CRA representative, trust your instincts. Hang up and log in to MyAccount on CRA to see if there are any official notices about your file. You can ask the caller for their name and to put a note in your file so you or your accountant can call back to CRA and confirm the information.

When in doubt, hang up. Then call us and let us help you determine if there is a legitimate issue that we can help you sort out, or if you've just avoided being scammed.

For more information visit the Canada Revenue Agency website's "Protect Yourself Against Fraud" page.

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