Join one of Avail CPA's partners, Obed Maurice, as he presents at CPA Alberta's Innovation, Technology, and Accounting Conference.

Event registrants will learn more about how blockchain assurance, algorithm advisory, analytics and process automation are transforming accounting and finance.

What is the Innovation, Technology, and Accounting Conference?

The Innovation, Technology, and Accounting Conference is a series of live virtual presentations, hosted by CPA Alberta, that explore the future of work and how innovative technology will transform everything from talent acquisition to leadership strategies.

The event's website can be found HERE.

When is the presentation?

The presentation is Tuesday, February 15, 2022 at 3:00 PM.

What topics is Obed speaking on?

Obed will be speaking on a number of topics, with the presentation specifics being:

Tech Talk - A Journey as a CPA and Innovation Entrepreneur

CPAs now more than ever, are being relied upon to lead innovation within their organizations as leaders and professionals. Being open to learning, change and growth are key skills in being able to take on the future as successful CPAs. As someone who started out in our profession with traditional expectations of what it would be like to be a CPA, a few years ago I found myself at a crossroads and re-examining where my career trajectory was taking me.

In my short talk, I will share how our training as CPAs prepared me to innovate and lead change. I’ll share some practical tips and real-life examples that cover:

  1. Finding purpose in our work
  2. Overcoming fear and inaction
  3. Cultivating a growth mindset

The presentation's event page can be found HERE.


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Obed Maurice

Obed Maurice

If there is a way to automate something, Obed will make it happen. He is the online accounting partner and is relentless about finding the best solution for clients.

Service Expertise: Cloud Accounting , Bookkeeping , CFO Services
Industry Expertise: Technology , Law Services , Financial Services

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