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Stop Stressing Over Your Annual Audit and Start Loving It

Hate being audited? You're not alone. Take the stress and lost time out of your audit. Find out how in this video with Partner Calvin Scott.

Best-Kept Bookkeeping Secrets

Every bookkeeper has a few tricks and tips to get the job done. Here are four of the best-kept bookkeeping secrets that will make your job a whole lot easier. You're welcome. 

Help for small business

Overwhelmed? Exhausted? Get Back to Doing What You Love

Are you wearing too many hats? The demands of operating a small business leave many owners exhausted. Get back to doing the thing you love with the help of Avail CPA.

RFP envelope, audit tender

To Tender or Not To Tender Your Audit

You might think it's "good governance" to tender your audit services regularly. But is it really? Learn the right reasons for tendering your NFP audit - and how to develop a request for proposal that really works when you do.

Success for your Agribusiness Now and in the Future

The Avail CPA Ag team can help you, your family, and your agribusiness address the opportunities and challenges that the future holds. Find out more in this video.

8 Risks Your NFP Needs to Consider

Anything that keeps your Not-for-Profit organization from meeting your objectives or maintaining your reputation is a risk. This infographic will help you identify the top 8 risks your NFP needs to know about.

Financial statements small business

Notice to Reader: What it Is and Why You Need One

Your bank says you need a Notice to Reader from your accountant, but you're not sure what that means. Find out what this type of financial statement is and it's necessary.