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George Virtue George Virtue

George Virtue, CPA, CA

Partner, Lethbridge



My professional life is focused in three main areas, all of which enable me to pursue my passion for leadership and business improvement. My role as Managing Partner for the firm enables me to lead an exceptional firm with amazing people. My role as client relationship partner for 6 large client groups provides opportunity to provide business advice to successful companies led by great people. And my role as Strategic Consultant enables me to assist businesses and other organizations develop and implement their Vision, Strategy and Improvement plans. I love my job!

My Passions
I am a fly fisherman trapped in an accountant’s body!

I have 500 bottles of exceptional wine in my wine cellar.

I read every new management and leadership book that I can find and I make one little change in my life from every book that I read.

I am part of some amazing families – 5 brothers and sisters; my wife, Carole, two wonderfully eclectic sons – a Professor and a Roofer; two beautiful daughters-in law; my grandson, Arlo and my granddaughter, Nora; and … I love all of my in-laws!

Who I Am
I love to learn, to teach, to create and to challenge the status quo. I love to inspire, to support, to motivate and to lead. I provide optimism, clarity, humor and positivity to whatever I do.

Articles by George Virtue

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