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Education Program for Charities

Not For Profit

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has implemented a Charities Education Program (CEP) with in-person visits to help charities meet their obligations and to maintain their registered status. A charity may be selected for a CEP visit:

  • if it is newly registere
  • based on information from its Form T3010, Registered Charity Information Return
  • for common areas of non-compliance, such as receipting and reporting issues 

A CEP visit isn't an audit. Rather, the CEP team will provide the charitable organization with useful information about their charitable status, compliance, issuing official donation receipts, maintenance of books and records, and filing of their annual information return. The visit is meant to help charities avoid common errors and improve efficiencies and compliance.

The CRA plans 500 office visits per year, at their choosing. Charities are not able to request a CEP visit. 

If you haven't been selected to participate in the CEP visit program but you want the help with your charitable receipting, books, filings, and more, contact our not-for-profit professionals at 403.382.6800 or npo@availcpa.com.

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